New truck shortages. Used truck shortages. But, Hy-Rail truck shortages too?

Most everyone has seen the headlines recently about supply chain issues impacting the new truck marketplace.  For months, manufacturers have been scrambling to deal with these shortages—particularly with computer chips—as newly built vehicles stack up in parking lots awaiting components prior to final delivery.  

Getting less attention, are the ripple effects to the supply of used vehicles and pricing.  Even the availability of used hirail vehicles has been impacted, as major fleets continue operating their existing trucks on account of these delays.  In turn, the demand for used equipment has increased and limited supply has consistently pushed used vehicle pricing higher.  It’s been a “double whammy” for potential buyers nationwide.   

So what does this mean for a shortline railroad, transit operator, or rail contractor currently in the market for a “new to them” truck with railgear?  It means fewer trucks to pick from and increased competition from other buyers searching for similar equipment.  Fortunately, we have some solid advice for navigating through these unprecedented times!

1)  The Early Bird Gets The Worm.   Take time to get your used railroad truck budget and financing in order before you begin your vehicle search in earnest.  This will allow you to secure the hyrail truck you need, when it becomes available, possibly avoiding the disappointment of watching another buyer drive away in the vehicle of your dreams.

2)  Keep An Open Mind.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to be flexible regarding vehicle features and optional equipment.  Although there will be certain “must have” items on everyone’s list, a healthy level of “give and take” will likely be required in order to find a suitable used railroad truck in this dicey purchase environment.

3)  Be Ready To Walk.  Okay, not literally, but if vehicle selection and pricing don’t meet your comfort level, the best thing may be to simply walk away!  In short, make sure your used hyrail truck purchase is the right deal for you.  Don’t feel obligated to sign on the dotted line for a “rushed purchase” you may later regret. Sometime, someday, this too will pass and it will be the right time for you to make a truck purchase.  When it is, Fast Track Railroad Equipment Sales, LLC, will be here to assist you with the acquisition of your next rail vehicle.  

We get it…  We’ve been there too!